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An Abundance of Longing

my unfinished longing for you
overwhelmed me all over again
mixed with the familiar blues
that is creeping into my cold veins
while inside my busy brain
the thought of you blossom out
from within, it is you all about

this time the longing is so loud
but no words could slip from my mouth
maybe I am the one who at fault
because dive too deep into your records
to not think of you need much effort
now I caught up in feeling I cannot afford
a mission that I could not undo nor abort

in the time when there is longing
some memories are also playing
naturally without asking permission
show up as bitterly sweet temptation
become the only thing that I hold on to
because those remind me that you are true
a precious company from my golden youth

maybe this whole longing business
have created a hole that I could not fix
or maybe my mind just playing a trick
but I have not sick of it yet after all these times
because of you, I used to have a warm bliss
now I could only contain those inside my wish
and you always be the one that I miss


Published by widviani

A girl who loves to read, write, and listen to music. Also, she finds simple pleasure by seeing the sunset on her rooftop while drinking a cup of lukewarm coffee and listening to her favourite songs. Basically, she just a simply complicated person.

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