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from the hospital window
I see the moonlight’s shadow
while my mind thinks about tomorrow
my heart busy dealing with sorrow
and deep down I feel very sorry
to whom I love and care around me
because they have to helplessly see
the blazing pain that I quietly carry

from inside my small room ceiling
I hear the sound of the rain pouring
it is so loud as if it is repeatedly knocking
and ask to want to know how am I feeling
but things always happen the way it is been
still, sometimes I did not say what I mean
for some reason, I try so hard to not be mean
because I know the future is unforeseen

from my parent’s hushed rooftop view
I feel the blue in me unite with the sky’s hue
I fill my lungs with hope to begin anew
between the sadness to able go through
slowly I try to balance my disorder youth
everything comes and goes in moods
I know the bad will be replaced by the good
and the sky will guide me out of the wood


Published by widviani

A girl who loves to read, write, and listen to music. Also, she finds simple pleasure by seeing the sunset on her rooftop while drinking a cup of lukewarm coffee and listening to her favourite songs. Basically, she just a simply complicated person.

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