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I Want to Write You a Letter

Photo by Debby Hudson from Unsplash

I want to write you a letter
as warm as a cup of tea
that your hands are holding
in the cold winter morning
a letter that explains everything
made from mixed scattered words
in my head about you and the world

it can be your secret safe place
whenever you need to hide your face
from everyone when you are not well
and you do not know how to tell
or it can be your runaway ticket
whenever you feel down and sad
and have a lot of going on in your head

I want to write you a letter
as comforting as your song
that I listened when the night is long
with the shadow that stays along
a letter that will help you feel better
when the days make you feel bitter
and your heart is sinking deeper

you can save and read it again
when you feel no one understands
just read it once more and you will know
we share the same pain and sorrow
and we help each other to grow
so, if you feel that you are on your own
you know that you never walk alone

I want to write you a letter
the one that makes you remember me
to show there are times when I am happy—
because of you and I hope you are too
a letter that you can keep forever
as a golden memory or simply a reminder
that will be stuck with us together

all the words that I want to say to you
how you have helped me to get through
and giving back is all I want to do
through that letter, I will also slip a clue
for how I feel one day when you are gone
how even after that, life must go on
still, we will never walk alone


Published by widviani

A girl who loves to read, write, and listen to music. Also, she finds simple pleasure by seeing the sunset on her rooftop while drinking a cup of lukewarm coffee and listening to her favourite songs. Basically, she just a simply complicated person.

7 thoughts on “I Want to Write You a Letter

  1. A letter is precious. A love letter or not. When I served in the military. I kept my letter and I have letters from grandparent, father and kind women. Today I would believe, I would write better letters. When I was in some wars. I carried the letters in my pocket. I loved the poetry. I hope one day to write letters, even if myth and tale to someone. Many great books with letters shared by two people. I wish I could read Salinger’s love letters to his true love, who broke his heart. She try to sell them and a kind person bought the letters and they were never published. Thank you for the amazing poetry.

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