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My Personal Magical Bliss

through your melodic wordsyou have taken over my worldand have reached the part of methat has not easily opened to seethrough your alluring poetriesyou have given me the warm blissthat have melted my cold edgeswhich have been sharpened for ages you have helped me to find a placewhere I can freely walk at my ownContinue reading “My Personal Magical Bliss”

The Three Words I Always Carry For You

there are three words in my headthat easily makes my red eyes wetwhen I remember those I always sadbut at the same time, I also feel gladthat words keep me awake at nightunite with the feeling that I cannot fighta familiar longing that holds me tight there are three words in my heartthat have alreadyContinue reading “The Three Words I Always Carry For You”

I Want to Write You a Letter

I want to write you a letteras warm as a cup of teathat your hands are holdingin the cold winter morninga letter that explains everythingmade from mixed scattered wordsin my head about you and the world it can be your secret safe placewhenever you need to hide your facefrom everyone when you are not wellandContinue reading “I Want to Write You a Letter”

An Abundance of Longing

my unfinished longing for youoverwhelmed me all over againmixed with the familiar bluesthat is creeping into my cold veinswhile inside my busy brainthe thought of you blossom outfrom within, it is you all about this time the longing is so loudbut no words could slip from my mouthmaybe I am the one who at faultbecauseContinue reading “An Abundance of Longing”

It Was Started Because of Words

whenever I look at youI cannot help myself not toremember why I am fallingvoluntarily without thinkingand I will gladly tell you the truthyou are the order in my messy youth it was not because of your faceyour smile was not the first caseit was your words with rhymesthat makes me want to get your nameitContinue reading “It Was Started Because of Words”

My Kind of Solace

whenever I listen tothe familiar voice of youI feel like I can be calm againdespite the storm and heavy rainthat has messed up my brain whenever I listen tothe rhythmic poem made by youI feel like I can be free to fly againdespite the pain that has enchainedmy inner child and erase my innocence wheneverContinue reading “My Kind of Solace”

Museum Mind of Mine

I see you only whenI close my eyes but thenthe moment I open themI see everything around mebut not the one that I need memories are easily playingand there is something burninginside of me, it is a familiar feelingI remember it just the samelike it is my second name I miss you only whenthe nightContinue reading “Museum Mind of Mine”

An Explanation You Need to Hear

I’m sorry that you have tosee the way I’m breakingif you only knew that I’ve been tryingnot to burst out and explodeit’s way painful to holdthis time it just hits medifferently and mercilesslystrikes me fastharder than the lastand I’m crushed I don’t know what you thinkbut, I know what I feeland it isn’t a newContinue reading “An Explanation You Need to Hear”